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Consumer Directed Personal Assistance (CD PA) CD PA is for individuals who are interested in directing their Personal Assistance (PA) services.   It is a process that allows the individual or a designated representative to be the employer of the PA worker.  This means that the individual or designated representative will take on the role of a provider agency and be required to do tasks, such as interview, hire, and supervise workers.12

The Department of Health (DOH) offers an orientation for individuals and families who wish to consider CD PA.  Individuals who choose CD PA will receive training from the DOH.

Habilitation (HAB) HAB services help individuals learn skills necessary to live in the community and increase economic self-sufficiency. These skills may include personal grooming, preparing meals, eating, bed making, doing household chores, and participating in community activities.

Habilitation-Supported Employment (HAB-SE)

HAB-SE services support the individual in a competitive work setting at or above minimum wage. Activities such as supervision and training may be provided in a variety of settings. When not available through the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) or other community resources, job development and placement services that assist individuals in obtaining a job may also be included in HAB-SE.

Personal Assistance (PA) PA supports the individual with daily activities. These daily activities may include in-home activities such as bathing, dressing, eating, preparing meals and cleaning, as well as accessing community resources, increasing circle of supports, and supporting health and safety.


Respite services provide the primary caregiver or participant short-term relief from the care-giving situation. This period of relief is provided in hopes of preserving the relationship between the caregiver and the individual as well as to maintain the caregiver's health and well-being. Respite may be provided in various locations.

12 Information adapted from the Department of Health’s definition.  

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