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Skilled Nursing (SN) Skilled Nursing services are provided or supervised by a registered nurse (RN) licensed to practice in the State. These services may include suctioning, aerosol treatments, tube feedings, tracheotomy care and catheterization. Additionally, SN services may include assessment, diagnosis planning, intervention, and evaluation in the promotion and continuance of the individual’s health.

Specialized Environmental Accessibility Adaptations (SEAA) SEAA refer to the physical adaptations made to the home in order to create a healthy and safe place for the individual, or to allow for more independence in the home. Such adaptations may include the installation of ramps and grab-bars, widening of doorways, modification of bathroom facilities, or installation of specialized electric and plumbing systems and/or equipment and supplies. All adaptations or improvements to the home must have a direct medical or corrective benefit for the individual.

Also, SEAA provides funds to purchase, rent, or lease equipment, ancillary supplies, devices, controls, or appliances that assist the individual with his or her daily activities, communication and/or participation within the community. Additionally, this service includes training, technical support, warranties and repairs necessary to maintain the proper functioning of the equipment and supplies.

Specialized Services Specialized Services include therapeutic interventions, non-traditional approaches, training and consultation, crisis outreach, and 24-hour crisis services that are necessary to assure health and safety of the individual and are not available through the Medicaid State Plan.

Transportation (Non-medical) Transportation services are provided to help individuals gain access to waiver services and other community activities and services when not already provided by the program or service being accessed. Non-medical transportation does not include transportation for medical services otherwise covered under the Medicaid State plan.

For more information about any of the services listed above, please contact your case manager (CM).

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