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A message from the President of the Board of Directors

Arizona residents in 10 counties have come to rely on Community Information and Referral (CIR) for reliable health and human service information. No other organization has remained as committed to serving the communities of Arizona as CIR, now accredited by the Alliance of Information & Referral Systems (AIRS).That commitment continues to strengthen as we remain intimately involved in the development of Arizona’s 2-1- 1 statewide telephone

communications system, a system which will be crucial in detecting, preventing and responding to critical needs in the state, including acts of terrorism.That commitment to Arizonans continues in the faithful administration of our key services: the Domestic Violence Hotline, Homeless Management Information System (HMIS), Community Voice Mail andTeen Link, to name a few.

We thank you for your continued support. Your

invaluable support ensures that a single phone call, or a visit to CIR’s website, links Arizonans to over 2,300 agencies and over 9,000 program services across the state.Together we are making a difference in countless lives.


Jane Borger


A message from the Executive Director

Community Information and Referral (CIR) has become a key source of invaluable assistance for Arizonans in 10 counties. Since its beginnings in 1964, CIR has expanded its ability to provide information and links to health and human services to the people who need them

most, when they are needed.

Today CIR’s Help Hotline, a 24-hours a day, 365 days a year service, serves thousands of Arizonans each month.The Maricopa County Directory of Human Services and Self Help Groups has proven to be an indispensable reference guide to over 2,300 organizations.

In addition to those key sources of assistance, CIR continues to operate the Maricopa County Homeless Management Information System (HMIS): HMIS, a HUD funded program, connects domestic violence, homeless, and transitional emergency shelters throughout Maricopa County via the internet and provides standardized client intake and case management functions.

These proven, vital systems and resources are an integral part of CIR’s commitment to serve Arizona. Another means of strengthening that commitment is CIR’s close involvement in the ongoing development of the statewide 2-1-1 telephone communications system.The 2-1-1 system will not only expand access to community, health and human care services, but will be crucial in the state’s effort to detect, prevent and respond to critical incidents, including acts of terrorism.

CIR maintains two other vital systems serving the less fortunate in our community: Community NeTwork for Accessing Shelter (CONTACS), a 24-hour Hotline for victims of domestic violence and homelessness; and Community Voice Mail (CVM), a program which mimics a home phone message answering system that enables homeless persons and domestic violence victims to remain connected with employers, care givers, first responders, family and friends.

Thank you for supporting Community Information and Referral through the years.Your community is healthier and safer for your involvement.


Roberto Armijo

Executive Director

www.ci .org



Flu/Pneumonia Immunizations (55,770) IncomeTax Assistance . . . . . .(27,557) Arizona Government Links . .(20,456) Database Search for Assistance (18,141)

Community Calendar . . . . . . .(11,234)

Arizona Media Links . . . . Childhood Immunizations


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Day Activities

. .

. .(4,909) . .(4,596) . .(4,137)

Winter Holiday Activities

. . . . .(3,464)

Information & Referral Agencies Outside Arizona

. . . .(3,108)

Community Information & Referral has maintained a web presence for the public since 1995. An abbreviated version of the database of health and human service programs and agencies can be accessed by visitors to the site by both category and name. Seasonal links to valuable information on specific topics are also easily accessed online. Website hits are tallied apart from calls responded to through the Help Hotline. FY 2004/2005 hits totalled 213,269. Total Website Referrals: 175,461 (hits to informational pages on our website)

Community Information & Referral


2004-05 Annual Report



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