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een Link • 602-235-9678

1-800-235-9678 (for area codes 928 and 520)

Designed and operated specifically for teens, TEEN LINK is an invaluable, anonymous resource for troubled youth in need of accurate information. TEEN LINK is a telephone tape library of 78 pre-recorded messages that address social and emotional development issues. Teens can hear important messages on subjects such as alcohol and other drugs or emotional concerns, or they can speak with a live operator.

Teen Link Topics: Alcohol & Other Drugs Why Do You Drink? Drink Responsibly Facts about Drugs Drug Dependency Alcohol & Pregnancy

Birth Control & Pregnancy Becoming Pregnant Am I Pregnant? Girlfriend Is Pregnant Tell Parents You're Pregnant Birth Control Information Birth Control Myths Sex & Love: Is There A Difference How Far Is Too Far? Are You Ready for Sex? It's OK to Say No Father Responsibilities

Career & Life Choices Moving Out Planning Rest of Your Life College Alternatives Choosing A Career

Emotional Concerns Handling Anger Becoming Person You'd Like On Being A Teen Feeling Lonely? Coping with Feeling Down Nobody Cares Feeling Guilty Unhappy with Your Looks

Dealing with Rejection Hating Brother/Sister Hating Teacher Helping A Suicidal Friend Thinking of Suicide On Being Abused Handling Death of a Loved-One Surviving a Break-Up Get What You Want in Life

Family Concerns Get Back Parent's Trust Hating Mother/Father Getting Parents to Listen No Communication with Parents Tired of Being Compared Fight with Brother/Sister Problems over Dating Problems over Hours Problems over Smoking Problems over Drugs Coping with Parent's Rules Your Attitude Being Treated Like a Child Coping with Parent's Drinking Coping with Parent's Divorce Build Child's Confidence When Parents Remarry

Physical Health Overweight Underweight Skin Problems Kicking Cigarette Habit Becoming Anorexic?

Sexuality Growing Up Female Growing Up Male VD and other STDs AIDS Am I Really in Love? Rape/Rape Prevention Someone Touching You?

School & School Concerns Everyone Dating But You? Ready to Begin Dating? Going Steady Important to be Popular Dealing with Shyness Is Shoplifting Stealing? Cheating in School Handling Stress Communicating with Teacher Handling Fights with Friends

During 2004-2005, TEEN LINK

received 2,859 calls.

Since August 1999, TEEN LINK

has received 50,381 calls!

NOW AVAILABLE - 2006 Directory of Human Services & Self Help Support Groups

Available in both CD-ROM and print, this directory is a comprehensive, one stop resource containing up-to-date information about human services offered in Maricopa

County. 1,375 listings include non-profit organizations, faith- based resources, government agencies and national service providers. Plus 217 self-help support groups.

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Groups, visit www.ci .org

Community Information & Referral


2004-05 Annual Report



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