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This can be overridden by selecting any other content for playback through the Mirage web interface, mobile applications, or IP control.

The optional AirPlay password allows you to set a password that the user of the mobile device (or iTunes) will be prompted for before the MMS will accept a stream from the device.This will prevent uninvited transmissions from being broadcast to your amplier.

Conguring Cloud Services

The Content tab allows you to enter your account credentials for streaming media services and cloud services supported by the MMS.

Amazon Cloud Drive

Your MMS can interface with your Amazon Cloud Drive account to synchronize content to and from the cloud, and synchronize multiple locations.

To enable this feature, enter you Amazon user ID and password, and select one or both options for copying content to or from the Amazon Cloud Drive.

The MMS will synchronize all music les with the Amazon Cloud Drive, even those that are not compatible with the online Amazon Cloud Player (such as uncompressed FLAC or WAV

  • les).These les will still be stored in your Amazon Cloud Drive and will be available for

multi-location synchronization.

Synchronizing Multiple Mirage Media Servers

Using the Amazon Cloud Drive, you can synchronize all of the content and playlists of multiple Mirage Media Servers located anywhere in the world.

Simply put the same Amazon account information into each server that you want to keep synchronized, and select both copy options (copy to, and copy from).

MMS synchronization does not require any one unit to be designated as the master.The server uses a sophisticated algorithm that accomplishes bidirectional synchronization with all locations.

If you want to create a master/slave relationship between one master and one or more slaves, you can accomplish this by enabling only the “Copy To my Amazon Cloud Account” option on the server that you want to act as a master, and only the “Copy From my Amazon Cloud Account” on the server you want to act as a slave.

P l e a s e n o t e t h a t y o u w i l l n o t s e e o r c h a n g e t h e l e s s y n c h r o n i z e d t o t h e M i r a g e M e d i a S e r v e r hard drive in the shared Music folder.These les are copied to a hidden location on the MMS in order to maintain the integrity of the synchronization. If you want to modify these les you must do so at the source, or on the Amazon Cloud Drive. s

iCloud Synchronization

Apple’s iCloud service allows you to synchronize music stored on multiple computers and devices with your iCloud account.

This service is supported on the MMS with our Mirage Media Sync software.

To automatically synchronize content with your iCloud, congure iCloud using iTunes on a computer that will host the Mirage Media Sync software.

Please note that only content that is downloaded to the Mac or PC will synchronize with the MMS.

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