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We recommend the following settings for the most seamless, hands-off experience:

  • 1.

    Turn on iTunes Match.This will allow you to synchronize content from other computers and devices, which will in turn be synchronized to the MMS via the Mirage Media Sync software.

  • 2.

    Enable automatic downloads of Music purchases.This setting can be found under iTunes Preferences, Store.


When conguring the Mirage Media Sync software, select the “Synchronize All Music” option.

Streaming Music Services

Conguration of streaming music services is accomplished on the Content tab of the remote conguration utility in your web browser.

It is important to remember to press the Save button at the top of this tab after you are nished making any changes to this page. If you navigate away from this page without pressing Save, your changes will be lost.


The Last.fm music service is a unique service that let’s you effortlessly keep a record of everything you listen to on your MMS and other devices. Based on your demonstrated tase, Last.fm recommends more music that you’re likely to love.

Entering your Last.fm credentials will let you associate your MMS with your online Last.fm account. Once this is done, you will see a Last.fm Scrobble button appear on the Mirage Web Client, the Mirage iOS applications, and most MMS touch panel interfaces.This button lets you turn on and off the Last.fm music tracking technology.When “Scrobbling” is enabled, the MMS will send a log of the music you’re listening to on the MMS (even in other services and local music) to your Last.fm account prole.

This information will then be used by the Last.fm service and the MMS to recommend more music that you’ll love.

Last.fm can be played on any single output at one time. If you begin playing back a second stream on a different output, the rst stream will stop playback.This is a condition of the Last. fm service agreement.

More information about Last.fm can be found at www.Last.fm

Pandora Internet Radio

Pandora is a free service that lets you create custom radio stations based on albums or artists that you like, and will mix in other music that you haven’t discovered yet.

Subscribing to Pandora Plus will yield additional benets on the MMS such as higher bitrate content, and no commercials during playback.

Entering your Pandora credentials will let you associate your MMS with your online Pandora Internet Radio account.

When valid credentials are supplied (remember to press Save at the top of the screen), all of your online Pandora radio stations will be available for playback on your MMS, and any new stations that you create on your MMS will be saved in your online account.

You can create new Pandora radio stations using the Mirage Web Client, and most third party interfaces.

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