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TuneIn is a free service that brings the world of AM, FM, and Internet radio stations right to your home.This service provides a directory of the world’s radio stations that broadcast over the Internet.You’ll likely nd that many, if not all of your local AM and FM radio stations are available for crystal clear online streaming through your MMS without the need for an over the air antenna.You can also browse thousands of radio stations world-wide by genre or program name.

Entering your TuneIn credentials and pressing the Save button will allow you to associate your MMS with your online TuneIn account so that you’ll have easy access to your local radio stations and stored favorites.

TuneIn allows you to listen to up to ve simultaneous streams with a single user ID and password on the MMS·5A, or two on the MMS·2.

More information about the service is available at www.TuneIn.com

Adding Local AM/FM Radio Stations

Most of your local radio stations will be already listed in the TuneIn Local Radio list on your MMS. However, certain broadcasters have not granted the TuneIn service permission to list their streaming services in the TuneIn database.

You can manually add these stations to the local radio station listing in your MMS by using the Additional TuneIn Stations utility on the Content tab.

To make this task easier for you, Autonomic has pre-loaded a large database of popular US radio stations that are not in the TuneIn database.

To add one of these stations, click on the Add Station button and begin typing in the call sign or station description in the elds provided. If that station is in our database, you’ll be presented with a list of potential matches.

If your station is not in our database, you will have to obtain the URL of the streaming service and manually enter it into the Stream URL eld in this dialog box. If you have to resort to this method, take the time to drop us a line at support@autonomic-controls.com with the URL information and we will add it to our database to make it easier for you on the next installation.


Be sure to press the Save button at the top of the screen to record your changes.

Adding Digital Content

Synchronizing Files And Playlists To The MMS

The Mirage Media Server comes with a utility that will automatically synchronize folders on your network, or the contents of your iTunes or Windows Media Player libraries with your Mirage Media Server.

The Computers section of the Content tab lists all of the computers on your network that have this utility installed and are contributing to your MMS library.

If you want to stop synchronizing with one of the computers, clicking the “X” next to the computer name will remove it from the list, and will remove all content contributed by that computer from your MMS library.

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