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Firmware Updates

The Firmware tab allows you to update the operating software in your Mirage Media Server, download utility and control software for controlling the server and synchronizing content, and tools for remote technical support.

Firmware Update

From time to time, Autonomic will release new operating software for the Mirage Media Server to add new services, add new features, and x any operating issues reported.

If there is an update available, a button will appear in this section that will allow you to download and apply the update.

After you click the Update Firmware button, the Mirage Media Sever will automatically download the latest version from our web servers, install the new operating rmware, and restart.This process can take up to 10 minutes depending on the size of the update.


Do not power off your MMS during a rmware update. Doing so could leave your server in a condition that will require factory service to restore. The MMS should become available via the Web Conguration Utility within a few minutes, at which point the update is complete and your MMS is available for normal use.

Other Software: Mirage Media Player

This section allows you to install a Windows client application to your computer that lets you browse content and control playback for any of the enabled audio outputs.

You can also run the Mirage Client application in a browser window if you prefer.This will let you control the server from Mac computers and other operating systems.

Other Software: Mirage Media Sync

This section allows you to install a Windows client application that will automatically synchronize folders on your network, or the contents of your iTunes or Windows Media Player libraries with your Mirage Media Server.

License Information This section displays your product license information and serial number.

Remote Support

If you are working with us on a support case, Autonomic may request remote access to your server through the Internet in order to check the operation of your server.

In that event, we will provide you with a security code that you can enter into this eld to grant us remote access to your MMS.

Our Promise

Autonomic is committed to updating and supporting our products to provide dealers with maximum value and the best digital media control solutions.

If there’s any way we can serve your needs, please email support@autonomic-controls.com or contact our friendly support team at 914-598-1647.

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