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Set Up Your Mirage Media Server

This section provides an overview of powering up your server for the rst time and using the Remote Conguration Utility to congure the device.

Once you have made all the necessary connections, turn on the MMS by pressing the power button on the front of the unit once.You should see that the power LED illuminates.

Wait 2-3 minutes for your server to completely boot up the rst time, or if your server is connected to a video display, wait until the Now Playing screen shows on the display.

Conguring The MMS

The Mirage Media Server has a built-in web server that provides for remote conguration of the server, control system integration, and control of music playback with the Mirage player interface.

The MMS is congured at the factory to automatically obtain a network IP address from your DHCP server (usually your router).

Using any computer on the same network, open the MMS Remote Conguration Utility with your Internet browser using the default conguration address for your server model:

MMS·5A: http://Mirage-1/cong MMS·2: http://MMS·2/cong

On some computers (especially Macs) you will need to add the .local sufx to the end of the server name (example: http://Mirage-1.local/cong).

You can also look up the IP address of the server using the DHCP client table in your router’s interface if necessary.

Once you have connected to the MMS conguration page, you will see several tabs for conguring your MMS:

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