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General Settings

The Server Settings tab allows you to congure the following options.

Server Network Identication

These settings allow you to set the your servers name on the network, and change the default description.

If you change the server’s name, you will have to use the new name to access the server conguration and the Mirage player interface after you save the changes.

For example, if you change your server name to “Daves-MMS”, then you would use the following to access conguration in the future:

http://Daves-MMS/cong (or http://Daves-MMS.local/cong)

Setting Date And Time

These settings allow you to congure the server to automatically update its internal date and time information from a selection of geographically located NTP (Network Time Protocol) servers.

Wired Ethernet Settings

In this section, you can congure your servers network connection to automatically use a network DHCP server to obtain it’s IP address and network settings, or you can manually specify a static IP address and network settings to use.

If you choose to use Manual Conguration be sure to enter the correct settings for IP Address, Subnet Mask, Gateway, and DNS 1 & 2. If you are unsure how to congure these settings it would be best to leave your connection set to Autonomic (DHCP) or contact your network administrator.


Setting these values incorrectly can prevent the MMS from connecting to your network, and could make the server unreachable. If this happens, there is a utility available at http://www. autonomic-controls.com/support_faq_mms.php which can help you recover.


This section allows you to upload internal server logs les and, optionally, your media database if you are instructed by the Autonomic support team.These log les will be sent directly to our support staff.

Restarting Your Server

The Utilities section contains a link to restart your MMS. Clicking this link will make your MMS unresponsive for 2-3 minutes while it shuts down and restarts itself.

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