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shares entitled to vote; provided, however, that an amendment reducing the fixed number or the minimum number of directors to a number less than five (5) cannot be adopted if the votes cast against its adoption at a meeting of the shareholders, or the shares not consenting in the case of action by written consent, are equal to more than sixteen and two-thirds percent (16-2/3%) of the outstanding shares entitled to vote. No amendment may change the stated maximum number of authorized directors to a number greater than two times the stated minimum number of directors minus one.

2.3 Compensation

Directors and members of committees may receive such compensation, if any, for their services, and may be reimbursed for expenses, as fixed or determined by resolution of the Board of Directors. This Section 2.3 shall not be construed to preclude any director from serving the Corporation in any other capacity and receiving compensation for those services.


Election and Term of Office

Each director shall be elected to serve until the annual meeting of shareholders held in the following fiscal year and until his or her successor shall have been duly elected and qualified.

    • 2.5

      Vacancies and Resignations

      • (a)

        A vacancy or vacancies on the Board of Directors shall be deemed to exist (i) in the event of the death, resignation or

removal of any director, (ii) if the authorized number of directors is increased, (iii) if the shareholders fail, at any meeting of shareholders at which any director or directors are elected, to elect the full authorized number of directors to be elected at that meeting or (iv) if the Board of Directors declares vacant the office of a director who has been declared of unsound mind by an order of court or convicted of a felony.


Except for a vacancy caused by the removal of a director as provided in Section 2.7 of these Bylaws, a vacancy may be

filled (i) by a person selected by a majority of the remaining directors then in office, whether or not less than a quorum or (ii) by a sole remaining director. Vacancies created by the removal of a director shall be filled only by the affirmative vote of shares holding a majority of the voting power represented and voting a duly held meeting at which a quorum is present (which shares voting affirmatively also constitute a least a majority of the voting power required to constitute a quorum), or by the unanimous written

consent of all shares entitled to vote thereon.


The shareholders may elect a director at any time to fill a vacancy or vacancies not filled by the directors, but any such

election by written consent, other than to fill a vacancy created by removal, shall require the consent of shares holding a majority of the voting power that are entitled to vote thereon. A director may not be elected by written consent to fill a vacancy created by

removal except by unanimous consent of all shares entitled to vote for the election of directors.

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