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such certificate is issued, it may be issued by the Corporation with the same effect as if such person were an officer, transfer agent or registrar at the date of issue.


On or after November 17, 2010, unless otherwise required by applicable law or authorized by the Secretary or any

Assistant Secretary, shares of the Corporation shall be issued, recorded and transferred exclusively in uncertificated book-entry form in accordance with a direct registration program operated by a clearing agency registered under Section 17A of the Exchange Act. Shares of the Corporation represented by certificates that were issued prior to November 17, 2010 shall continue to be certificated

securities of the Corporation until the certificates therefor have been surrendered to the Corporation.


Lost Certificates

Except as provided in this Section 7.5, no new shares shall be issued to replace a previously issued certificate unless the certificate is surrendered to the Corporation or its transfer agent or registrar and cancelled at the same time. When the owner of any certificate for shares of the Corporation claims that the certificate has been lost, stolen or destroyed, uncertificated shares, in accordance with Section 7.4(b) above, shall be issued in place of the original certificate if the owner (a) so requests before the Corporation has notice that the original certificate has been acquired by a bona fide purchaser, (b) files with the Corporation an indemnity bond in such form and in such amount sufficient to protect the Corporation against any claim that may be made against it, including any expense or liability, on account of the alleged loss, theft or destruction of the certificate or the issuance of the replacement shares, and (c) satisfies any other reasonable requirements imposed by the Corporation. The Board of Directors may adopt such other provisions and restrictions with reference to lost certificates, not inconsistent with applicable law, as it shall in its discretion deem appropriate.


Certification and Inspection of Bylaws

The Corporation shall keep at its principal executive or business office the original or a copy of these Bylaws as amended or otherwise altered to date, which shall be open to inspection by the shareholders at all reasonable times during office hours.

7.7 Interpretation Reference in these Bylaws to any provision of the Code shall be deemed to include all amendments thereof.

7.8 Construction

Unless the context requires otherwise, the general provisions, rules of construction and definitions in the Code shall govern the construction of these Bylaws. Without limiting the generality of the provision, the singular number includes the plural, the plural number includes the singular, and the term “person” includes both a corporation and a natural person.

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