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There are almost four times more people on Yahoo! Shopping than people who purchased a Nintendo Wii in the U.S.

  • 26.9 million Y! Shopping users and 7.38 million Wiis in US

as of January 2008

  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wii#System_sales


Manufacturing Jobs: A Piece of the American Dream

Hamilton Connection has its hand on the pulse of the inner workings of manufacturing

T hrough 2012, the U.S. Department of Labor esti- mates that manufacturers will have 2 million job openings in computer sci- ence, mathematics, engi- neering, and physical science; and, an additional 2.4 million job openings in skilled production jobs such as machinists, machine assemblers, oper- ators and technicians. The problem, according to the Workforce Alliance of New Haven, is that the number of qualified workers to fill all of these openings is extremely low.

A large majority of manufacturing executives (74% in a National Associ- ation of Manufacturer’s survey) say that a high performance workforce is the most important factor in the busi- ness’ future success. A similarly large number of manufacturers also report that they are already having difficulty finding trained, or even trainable, workers.

Thanks to funding and coordina- tion by Workforce Alliance, CT Works and the Manufacturer’s Association, existing factory workers are improving their skills, and helping their compa- nies remain competitive. For example, when a punch-press operator for a manufacturer of modular data centers took a class in blueprint reading from company engineers in a conference room above the production floor, he

became one of thousands of workers creating their own opportunity.

These new skills qualified him to become a junior mechanic. He now operates a machine that cuts metal pieces into usable sizes. In six years he could become a senior mechanic and double his salary, if he takes more classes.

There is no denying a current and future shortage of skilled workers. The Workforce Alliance notes that employ- ers are expanding on-site training pro- grams to focus on workers, rather than managers or supervisors; prod- ding high schools and colleges into modernizing math and science cur- riculums; and getting factories includ- ed in high school internship programs. Today’s workers need to operate auto- mated equipment and handle multiple jobs.

Adequate workforce preparation is a national problem. Locally, Work- force Alliance offers several ways for existing workers to gain training.

Manufacturing needs a new type of worker, people who understand com- puters. Manufacturers know this, and increasingly focus their efforts on part- nerships with community colleges, according to the Workforce Alliance.

When the education is complete and skills sets are built, another great resource presents itself: Hamilton Con- nections, a staffing firm. Hamilton Connections has its hand on the pulse

on the inner workings (and dire needs) of the local manufacturing industry.

Focusing on light industrial, skilled trade and professional staffing, the company has developed a reputation for unparalleled customer service and the vision needed to develop recruit- ing plans for some of the top manu- facturers in Connecticut and Massachusetts.

According to Eric Gonzalez, Sales Executive and Recruiter for Hamilton Connection’s Milford office at 326 West Main St., "We are looking for candidates for every skilled trade posi- tion available. Manufacturing jobs in Connecticut are taking a hit as baby boomers are retiring and it has been very difficult to replace their skill sets in the manufacturing industry."

"Eli Whitney, Platt Tech, Porter and Chester have been trying so intensely to develop this trade, but the demand is still greater than the sup- ply," Gonzalez says.

Hamilton Connection is known for its knowledgeable recruiting staff, superior candidates provided in a timely fashion, reasonable rates for employers and dedication to providing every client with the staffing answers they need. These characteristics are important for an employer, but also important for a job seeker to keep in mind. Hamilton Connection takes the guesswork out of the job search.

The firm has a long history of dedi- cation to its clients and employees. Since 1986, this firm has remained committed to the welfare and well- being of its customers. Hamilton Con- nection’s long-term objective is the continuous development of strong relationships with clients and employ- ees to the benefit of everyone involved. Every client, large or small, is considered an important part of the Hamilton family.

Every employee is considered a member of the company team. Hamil- ton Connection’s success as a compa- ny has been built on the recognition of the contributions made by each of its employees. The firm’s commitment to its own employees speaks volumes about the devotion they have to plac- ing the right candidate in the right job.

"A good number of the jobs that are leaving the state are mainly unskilled positions. The positions that are thriving are for a more skilled worker. There are plenty of jobs avail- able for the more skilled employees" Gonzalez says, pointing out that there aren’t many industries that have such a high demand for workers today.

The staff at Hamilton Connection works strives to provide great oppor- tunities for candidates and provides clients with the most professional and cost effective solutions to their hiring needs.

Today, Hamilton Connection remains a full-service diversified staffing firm. The Light Industrial Divi- sion now operates from offices throughout Connecticut and Western Massachusetts. Meanwhile, the Tech- nical Staffing Group continues to excel in direct hire recruiting of IT profes- sionals, engineers, scientists, quality assurance personnel and management positions.

"There is job security in these skilled manufacturing jobs," says Gon- zalez. And there are many opportuni- ties to gain the necessary skills right here at schools such Porter and Chester Institute.

"Part of our job is educating our applicants and also our employers," Gonzalez says. "We specialize in developing relationships with our employers and the job seekers to find a perfect fit for both parties. When we recommend an employee to our clients it means something more because it comes from someone who is proven in the industry—Hamilton Connections."

"We do so much more than place people in jobs," he says. "We can be a counselor, a career developer, a resume and interview coach. We know the industry we’re sending applicants into and know how to make a good fit with our recommen- dations."

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    Melissa Everett

American Cancer Society Partners With Hospital of Saint Raphael Formal Agreement Allows Comprehensive and Compassionate Care for Cancer Patients


















he American Cancer Soci- ety and the Hospital of Saint Raphael are joining forces in the fight against cancer. On Oct. 30, representa- tive from both organiza- tions signed a collaboration agreement to work together on a number of key initiatives, including promotion of the Society’s free cancer information services and support programs for cancer patients and their families, cancer educa- tion and prevention pro- grams, and advocacy and outreach efforts throughout the communi- ty. T

"The American Cancer Soci- ety has made a difference in cancer control in our area and is involved with the issues we care about most," said Andrea Silber, M.D., a medical oncologist and co-director of the Women’s Center For Breast health at Saint Raphael’s. "This represents a new direction for the ACS and Saint Raphael’s, a collaboration that will be good for patients’ care and quality of life."

Through the collaborative agree- ment, the American Cancer Society and Hospital of Saint Raphael will work together to provide and promote

supportive services to patients at Hos- pital of Saint Raphael, including the Society’s Personal Health Manager, a free patient care management tool that helps inform and organize cancer patients in their first year of diagnosis, Reach to Recovery®, a personal sup- port program matching breast cancer survivors with breast cancer patients,

Road to RecoverySM, a program that provides free transportation to cancer patients to-and-from treatment, and Look Good Feel Better®, workshops that provide physical and emo- tional renewal for women undergoing treatment. "The American Cancer Society is always striving to educate the public about today’s many advances in cancer prevention, early detection and servic- es," said Maria Gomes, Area Director of Health Initiatives. "We are hon- ored to partner with Hospital of Saint Raphael to help provide the best pos- sible care to men and women diag- nosed with cancer and to promote the overall goals of the American Cancer Society of eliminating cancer as a major health problem by preventing cancer, saving lives, and diminishing the suffering caused by cancer."

Saint Raphael’s and the Society will network within the Greater New Haven area to share new information

about cancer care, especially prevention and early detection services and promote awareness about can- cer prevention and early detection among hospital employees.

The American Can-

cer Society helps patients and their families with free information, support, and local resources. Cancer information specialists are avail- able by phone 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to help with diagnosis and treatment options, find rides to treat- ment, or answer insurance questions. If you or someone you know needs help, call 1-800-227- 2345 or visit www.cancer.org. The Hospital of Saint Raphael and the American Cancer Society formalized a collaborative agreement at the Father Michael J. McGivney Center For Cancer Care. The agreement was signed by Joseph Cardinale, medical f Th e H o s p i t a l o Saint Raphael is a director of the McGivney Center, left, and Sarah Shafir, State Vice President of Health Initiatives, American Can- cer Society, right, seated at the table, as staff from both organizations look on. 511-bed community tem, which is sponsored by the Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth. For more information, visit www.srhs.org. neuroscience and geriatric services, Saint Raphael’s is the largest member of the Saint Raphael Healthcare Sys- teaching hospital affiliated with Yale University School of Medicine. A leader in cardiac, cancer, orthopedic,

C l a s s i f i e d c a n s t r i k e a c h o r d ! (203) 777-FAST

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